School of Mathematics

Our specialized school of Mathematics offers Math Enrichment classes and a great choice of other educational programs since 1996.

Bee Smart Learning Centre offers one-of-a-kind mathematics program since 1996.

  • Tutoring & Enrichment of the mathematics curriculum for all learners.
  • Development of mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.(Students enhance their logic and reasoning skills)
  • Preparation to various mathematical competitions in small groups

Mathematics can be both fun and challenging.

Offered during the school year, this program will encourage your children to love mathematics and teach them problem-solving skills that are beyond the scope of the school curriculum.

This program is open for all levels from students who already developed an interest for math to the students who are struggling with math and who would like to improve their school achievements.

Students attend classes on a weekly basis during the entire school year. Students are placed in groups based on their level of mathematical knowledge and not by their age group only. The program includes fun mathematical activities which parents are welcome to attend. There are annual mathematical competitions at the end of the school year.

We have an after-school program as well as weekend classes. The Bee Smart Learning Centre is attended by students of all ages and levels – from preschool students, who have just begun their incredible journey, to high school students, who have yet to begin another incredible journey in post-secondary education. We offer enrichment classes for gifted students and tutoring (private and group classes) Bee Smart helps students of all ages succeed in their level of study. Some students attend our school for over 10 years, and graduate with a high knowledge and confidence as well as high grades in mathematics.