Sunday School

Sunday School

SUNDAY SCHOOL is an innovative enrichment program for students up to the age of thirteen. It is an excellent opportunity for every child to reach their highest potential. Offered during the school year, BEE SMART brings together curious, motivated, and well-rounded students. (11 am-4pm)

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • French
  • Russian
  • Visual Art
  • Computers
  • Digital Media


(Ages 3 to 6)

The Bee Smart Learning Centre offers an exciting program in which young students are prepared for school.

Early English Reading

Students learn how to read in a fun and interactive environment!


Students learn basic mathematics and logic skills!

Hands On Science

Students learn basic science through safe and exciting experiments!

Visual Arts


Magic and much more




Bee Logic Interactive Media and Games Class.

(Ages 7 to 10)

Does your child like technology, watching cartoons and or playing video games ? This class aims at giving the children a fun and educative environment and platform for developing design ,literacy numeracy and logic skills. Through the study and practice of game design and animation the children will gain knowledge while having fun. While learning how to make games and animate in both digital and traditional methods;

The children will learn;

* Introductory logic theory used commonly by programmers.

* Introductory software engine skills

* Introductory art and design skills in both traditional methods and digital methods

* Introductory animation engine skills.

* Introductory animation skills both traditional and digital.

Most of all your children will have fun while learning.



Bee Smart Tech Class

(Ages 7 to 12)

Bee smart tech A fun hand on class for children to learn all about tech with a hands on approach. The children will learn about a whole range of things including experiencing 3d painting, Building a touch screen tablet, disassembling and re resembling a computer, introductory website and software engineering in addition to many other engineering skill activities.