Computer Program

Computer Programming:
- General
Kids will participate in a wide range of programming tasks based on their age and experience. They will learn the basics of every programming language, including variables, Booleans, mathematical operations, libraries, and a lot more. The kids will use these skills in order to make fancy games or interesting programs! We will be working with Processing 2.0, a free to download and use language based off java.


- Ages 5-7
Kids will learn basic variables and graphics in order to make interesting programmed pictures or even short animations! They will be learning what an integer is, Booleans, strings, and graphical commands in order to create interesting images on the screen. They will also be able to make programs that react to the state of the computer (for example, a mouse that follows the mouse)!


- Ages 8-11
Kids will learn about variables and how to use them for things such as short games. The games we will be developing will include quizzes, click adventures, and even mazes!


- Ages 12-16
Kids will learn how to make more advanced games including programming factors such as arrays and libraries. These game genres we will be making will depend on the choice of the kids. Mostly however, we will be making 2d games like shooters, adventures, and many more!


Computerized Music:
- General
Kids will learn about different concepts in piano roll programs in order to create their own music! They will work with different instruments, effects, and plugins to make melodies and compositions of their choice. In addition, all the music that they make will be on a free to use program (for commercial licensing) so if they ever want to use it in the feature for commercial purposes they will have the full rights!


- Ages 5-7
Kids will learn how to use a piano roll, and how to make basic loopable melodies with multiple instruments! They will also learn how to make their melodies sound in tune, like putting notes in the same scale.


- Ages 8-15
Kids will learn how to make more complex melodies using a variety of instruments and (if they would want) plugins. They will learn how to create effects with instruments like an echo effect, second voice effect, harmony effect, and many more!


Movie Making:
- General (kids of all ages have the same program for this)
Kids will learn how to make movies and slideshows using a program called Windows Live Movie Maker. They will learn how to import videos and pictures, how to add visual effects to them, how to make transitions, how to add music, and many other things. Each child will have at least 1 finished product by the end of this program!


General Notices:
- All kids must have access to downloading to their computer
- All kids must have computers windows 7 or above
- Computers must have at least 4 GB of ram (most preferably 6)
- Computers must have at least 10 gigabytes of free space)